The crew

Ivo KrankowskiIvo Krankowski, founder.

Born in New Brunswick, NJ, USA. Lived in Florence, Italy until he was 7 and has been living in Warsaw since 1993. Member and co-founder of the Mass Defect (Defekt Masy) film group where he acted as producer and cinematographer on award-winning films (2003-2009). In 2008 he directed and produced the Polish-French co-production The Hour Between Night And Day (Rue de la Source). In 2010 he directed a critically acclaimed documentary short 8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World. His short film A Memory of Last Summer co-directed with kuba Gryżewski won the Best Foreign Film Awards at the NY Short Film festival. He worked as Head of Development with producer Sasha Harari (The Doors) and as an Associate Producer with Akson Studio. Ivo holds a masters degree in management from University of Warsaw, currently studying film directing at Drama Centre, Central Saint Martins.

Krzystof UmińskiKrzysztof Umiński, co-founder.

Krzysztof Umiński studied cultural anthropology at the University of Warsaw. He has worked as a lavender picker in Provence, a dishwasher and cook on a Greek island, a yoga teacher in the Caribbean, a publisher’s reader and a radio reporter. His travel stories have appeared in major Polish daily papers and his articles on literature in the monthly magazine “Bluszcz”. Krzysztof translates books and films from French and English into Polish. He has written the screenplays for two short films: The Hour Between Night And Day (Rue de la Source, 2008) and the documentary Kitchen Dreams (Kuchenne marzenia, 2009).

Krzystof UmińskiMagda Grabowska, production manager.

Born in Warsaw. Graduated from the cultural anthropology department at the University of Warsaw. Their first collaboration with Ivo occurred in 1999 while shooting a mystery science-fiction thriller. They met again in Nancy, France, where she worked as production manager in The Hour Between Night And Day. Gained first experience in documentary filmmaking with the film Behind The Iron Gate as the assistant to the Austrian artist Heidrun Holzfeind. Besides working in the film industry or culture animation her dream is to become a tram driver.

Collaborators: Kuba Gryżewski (director), Tadeusz Kieniewicz (cinematographer), Albert Bana (director), Paweł Andryszczyk (music composer), Stève Aptel (music composer), Antoine Bataille (script editor), Michał Grosz (cinematographer, editor), Tomasz Jeziorski (cinematographer), Tomasz Michalczewski (cinematographer, photographer), Urszula Sławiec (cinematographer, photographer), Paweł Uszyński (sound recordist and sound supervisor), Aleksandra Pazik (production assistant).