The Hour Between Night And Day (Rue de la Source)


A winter's night in a provincial town in France. Four lonely characters. Before dawn their paths will cross thanks to an enormous teddy bear and a radio programme.

Crew information: 

Director: Ivo Krankowski
Screenplay: Krzysztof Umiński
Director of photography: Tomasz Jeziorski
Editor: Ivo Krankowski
Music: Stève Aptel
Sound: Roman Lukasiewicz
Video postproduction: Tomasz Michalczewski
Production design: Urszula Sławiec
Costume design: Eeva Pynnönen
Production Manager: Magdalena Grabowska
Associate producer: Wojciech Kudaś
Producer: Ivo Krankowski
Production: LaCamera Independent
Co-production: European Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts in Nancy (IECA)

Cast: Frédéric Arnould (Ernest Lamour), Eeva Pynnönen (Anna), François Valleret (Patrick), Michał Grosz (Tomek), Christophe Branlard (Marcel/Crazy guy)

Technical information: 

Running time: 23'
Format: DV, 16:9
Sound: stereo
Language: French
Subtitles: Polish, English, Finnish

Release date: 

Shooting period: February 2008 19-23 (Nancy, FRANCE)

2008: 6th European Festival of Young Cinema in Warsaw, Poland "Efemka"
2009: International Film Festival "ZOOM" in Jelenia Gora, Poland
2009: 4th Independent Film Festival "Filmoffo" in Opole Lubelskie, Poland
2009: 10th Festival of Amateur and Independent Cinema in Wroclaw, Poland
2009: 7th Film Festival "Opolskie Lamy" in Opole, Poland
2009: 3rd Independent Film Festival „Złote Mrówkojady” in Lublin, Poland
2009: 10th Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA USA
2009: 9th Polish National Film Festival "Klatka" in Szczecin, Poland
2009: 28th Festival of Film Debuts „Young And Film” in Koszalin, Poland
2009: 5th Independent Film Festival "Kiloff" in Katowice, Poland
2009: Solanin Film Festival in Nowa Sol, Poland

Prizes and other achievements:
Ivo Krankowski - 2nd Prize in the Polish Television Competition "Creative Valley"
Krzysztof Umiński - Best Screenplay at the 3rd Independent Film Festival in Lublin, Poland
Film purchased and aired by TVP Kultura