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LaCamera Independent is a film production company collaborating with auteur filmmakers and visual artists working with film. Set in 2008 in Warsaw, Poland by director Ivo Krankowski, it was transformed into a limited company in 2020 shared with producer Marta Łachacz.

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'Lament' by Aga Beaupré and Tamara Allina is completed.

The film will premiere in the beggining of 2022.
Visit the film's website: https://www.lamentfilm.com

'Great News' screening at the 41st Gdynia Film Festival!

The short film 'Great News' by Kuba Gryżewski will screen in the Independent Films Competition at the 41st Gdynia Film Festival. Read more about the film and watch the teaser here.


After 2 years of festival screenings around the world and a year of airing on Polish TV, we are proud to share with you "A Memory of Last Summer" on VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/121662749

Two Independent Cinema Awards Nominations!

Famous Polish actress Iza Kuna has been nominated for Best Actress for her role in "A Memory of Last Summer" directed by Kuba Gryżewski and Ivo Krankowski. The creators of the film were also nominated for Best Screenplay.

The Polish Independent Cinema Awards are announced since 2005 and were created by a film magazine and an online portal Filmforum.


"A Memory of Last Summer" directed by Kuba Gryżewski and Ivo Krankowski won the Best Foreign Film Award at the New York International Short Film Festival, held May 27-29, 2014 at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City. The win was followed with the short being picked by two major cable television film channels in Poland, Ale Kino+ and Kino Polska. The film was aired multiple times for 6 months on each network respectively throughout 2014 reaching a broad audience nation wide.

"A Memory of Last Summer" at shnit! 2013

The short film "A Memory of Last Summer" by Kuba Gryżewski and Ivo Krankowski has been selected to the official competition of the international shortfilmfestival SHNIT 2013. Among 6700 submited films from all around the world, only 64 made it to the main competition, and just one from Poland.

More about the Festival: http://shnit.org/en/about/profile.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WspomnieniePoprzedniegoLata

New anti-homophobia PSA

"Homophobia Harms You and Everyone Around You" is the title of a new anti-homophobia PSA produced recently by LaCamera Independent in Poland. As of today it can be seen here on YouTube or at www.homophobiaharms.com and in selected cinemas around Poland in regular commercial and trailer blocks.

The spot was directed by Albert Bana, written by Mateusz Pacewicz and shot by cinematographer Tadeusz Kieniewicz. Ivo Krankowski produced it, along with the support of the Canadien Embassy in Poland and the Campaign Against Homophobia.

"8 Stories..." screening on Sunset Blvd.

Our documentary "8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World" will be presented at the XII Annual Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles on October 16 at 5 PM.

Director Ivo Krankowski will be present at Q&A following the screening. More information about the festival's program at www.polishfilmla.org

"8 Stories..." at the New York Jewish Film Festival!

It's official. The US Premiere of the documentary film "8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World" by Ivo Krankowski and Jan Śpiewak will be held at the New York Jewish Film Festival on Wednesday, January 19 2011. Two screenings will take place at The Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, 165 West 65 Street, NYC. One at 1:30 pm and the second at 6:00 pm.

The 2011 New York Jewish Film Festival will be held from January 12 to the 27, at the Lincoln Center in NYC.

The New York Jewish Film Festival (NYJFF) is a preeminent showcase for world cinema that investigates, records, and celebrates the Jewish experience. Founded in 1992, the annual Festival is a collaboration between The Jewish Museum and the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The New York Jewish Film Festival presents a diverse program of narrative features, documentaries, and short films, including world, United States, and New York premieres.

See more at http://www.thejewishmuseum.org/NYJFF

"8 Stories..." gains acclaim in Poland

The film festival season in Poland is slowing coming to end. Still to come is one of the biggest international film festivals for independent cinema - OFF Cinema in Poznan and LaCamera's production "8 Stories..." is in competition. During the past few months, the documentary "8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World" by Ivo Krankowski and Jan Śpiewak has been screened numerous times across Poland. Last month the film was presented for the first time in Israel, at the "Jewish Eye" Film Festival in Ashkelon.

The following are prizes and recognitions at film festivals in Poland:

BEST DOCUMENTARY - 7th Filmowa Gora Fim Festiwal in Zielona Góra, Poland
JURY'S MENTION - 4th Film and Art Festival "Two Riversides", Kaziemierz Dolny, Poland
GRAND PRIX - 2nd Solanin Film Festival in Nowa Sól, Poland
SPECIAL PRIZE - 3rd "Kameralne Lato" in Radom, Poland
AUDIENCE AWARD (The Warsaw Phoenix) and JURY'S SPECIAL PRIZE - 7th International Film Festival "Jewish Motifs" in Warsaw, Poland
JURY'S MENTION - 11th Festival of Amateur and Independent Cinema in Wroclaw, Poland

"8 Stories..." takes The Audience Award and Special Prize

April 25th - it was a good Sunday for the creators of 8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World. Hours after receiving Jury's mention in Wrocław came two other awards. Director Ivo Krankowski and writer Jan Śpiewak accepted the Special Jury Prize, at the award ceremony, of the 7th International Film Festival Jewish Motifs in Warsaw. Few minutes later, they were back on stage, to receive The Audience Award!

Jury's mention for "8 Stories..." in Wrocław

The documentary film 8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World by Ivo Krankowski and Jan Śpiewak, received Jury's mention at the 11th Amatour and Independent Film Festival in Wrocław, marking the start of the festival tour in Poland.

"8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World"

The post-production work on the new picture carried out by LaCamera Independent is coming to an end. The official premiere of the documentary entitled "8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World" directed by Ivo Krankowski, will take place on Thursday, February 25th, at the Muranów cinema in Warsaw. The movie is based on the screenplay by Jan Śpiewak, an alumnus of the Humanity in Action Fellowship Program. Jan is the founder and the first chairman of The Polish Jewish Youth Organization, which produced the movie.

8 characters, Polish Jews born between 1914 and 1933, are taking us to the land of their youth, their first dreams and their adventures. The story refers to the characters’ earliest memories: what was the first book they read, how was their first day at school, when did they drink alcohol for the first time, what was the name of their first love?

These individual stories create together a vivid image of a lost world preserved only in black-and-white films and in the last witnesses’ memories. How do people who experienced the turbulent times of the 20th century history approach life today – how do they deal with their memories and their old age?

The film was shot in the summer 2009, in Wrocław, Łódź, Cracow and Warsaw. LaCamera Independent took care of the production. The project was carried out thanks to the support of the European educational programme called Youth in action, “Humanity in Action” a programme by the U.S. Embassy, and the grant from the Jewish Community of Warsaw. The film was made thanks to the support of the BOX Postproduction.

For further information about the movie, please visit its official website: www.8historii.pl and the exclusive blog: www.8historii.blogspot.com.

"Kitchen Dreams" receives Jury's mention in Oświęcim

Kitchen Dreams received Jury's mention at the 14th International Amateur Film Festival in Oswiecim, Poland.

"Kitchen Dreams" at Filmoffo 5.0 festival

Kitchen Dreams qualified for the 5th "Filmoffo" festival in Opole Lubelskie, Poland. At this year's edition screenings will be followed by concerts played by groups The Car Is On Fire and Indigo Tree.

Festival's website (Polish only): www.filmoffo.eu

"Kitchen Dreams" at the 14th IAFF "Kochać człowieka"

Kitchen Dreams qualified for the 14th International Amateur Film Festival "Kochać człowieka" in Oświęcim, Poland. The festival is held under the patronage of UNICA, Union Internationale du Cinema. It will last from 28 to 30 January 2010.

Website (Polish only): www.ock.org.pl

"Kitchen Dreams" gets Jury's mention at Zwierciadla Festival

Kuchenne marzenia received a Jury's mention at the 11th Amateur Film Festival in Ostrołęka, Poland. The Jury included acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ewa Borzęcka (Arizona), director Kasia Rosłaniec (Mall Girls) and actress Magdalena Waligórska.

"Kitchen Dreams" at the 4th International Short Film Festival "ŻubrOFFka"

This time Kitchen Dreams are heading East. Our film qualified for the National Competition at the 4th International Short Film Festival in Bialystok, Poland. The festival will last from 3 to 6 December.

"Kitchen Dreams" at the 7th European Cinema Youth Festival

Kuchenne marzenia has been selected for the 7th European Cinema Youth Festival EFeMKa. The festival will take place in the cinema Kinoteka in Warsaw, from 4 to 6 December.

The selected titles also include films made by our friends: Leemeti by Emmanuel Levy, Podróż za jeden przelew and Menel by Adam Torbus and Incydent by Jan Kwieciński

The festival's website: www.efemka.filmforum.pl/english.php