"8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World"

The post-production work on the new picture carried out by LaCamera Independent is coming to an end. The official premiere of the documentary entitled "8 Stories That Haven't Changed The World" directed by Ivo Krankowski, will take place on Thursday, February 25th, at the Muranów cinema in Warsaw. The movie is based on the screenplay by Jan Śpiewak, an alumnus of the Humanity in Action Fellowship Program. Jan is the founder and the first chairman of The Polish Jewish Youth Organization, which produced the movie.

8 characters, Polish Jews born between 1914 and 1933, are taking us to the land of their youth, their first dreams and their adventures. The story refers to the characters’ earliest memories: what was the first book they read, how was their first day at school, when did they drink alcohol for the first time, what was the name of their first love?

These individual stories create together a vivid image of a lost world preserved only in black-and-white films and in the last witnesses’ memories. How do people who experienced the turbulent times of the 20th century history approach life today – how do they deal with their memories and their old age?

The film was shot in the summer 2009, in Wrocław, Łódź, Cracow and Warsaw. LaCamera Independent took care of the production. The project was carried out thanks to the support of the European educational programme called Youth in action, “Humanity in Action” a programme by the U.S. Embassy, and the grant from the Jewish Community of Warsaw. The film was made thanks to the support of the BOX Postproduction.

For further information about the movie, please visit its official website: www.8historii.pl and the exclusive blog: www.8historii.blogspot.com.


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