A Memory of Last Summer


Warsaw, mid-1980s. When it seemed that the Christmas party with her parents could not be more boring, Basia unexpectedly meets someone very familiar...

WATCH ONLINE ON VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/121662749

Crew information: 

Written & Directed by: Kuba Gryżewski i Ivo Krankowski
Cinematography: Tadeusz Kieniewicz
Edited by: Kuba Gryżewski i Ivo Krankowski
Music by: Samuele Cangi
Sound by: Paweł Uszyński
Color correction and POST: Tomasz Michalczewski
Scenography: Zofia Lubińska
Costumes: Adriana Marczewska
Production management: Franciszek Rogala
Production assistant: Aleksandra Pazik

Produced by: Ivo Krankowski
Production by: LaCamera Independent

Cast: Iza Kuna, Bartłomiej Topa, Paulina Gałązka, Piotr Bondyra, Krystyna Froelich, Stanisław Sparażyński.

Technical information: 

Type: fiction - erotic
Running time: 10'40"
Format: HD 16x9 2,35:1
Screening formats: ProRes 4444, OuickTime H.264, Blu-Ray, DVD
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English (more soon)

Release date: 

Awards and honorable mentions:

V 2014: BEST FOREIGN FILM - New York International Short Film Festival
VI 2013: GRAND PRIX - 59. National Independent Film Competition in Konin, Poland (OKFA 2013)
VI 2013: GRAND PRIX - 10. Independent Film Festival in Ustka, Poland
IV 2013: FINALIST - 5. Polish Short Film Festival SHORTWAVES 2013
III 2013: WINNER - "Sex in shorts" national competition for best erotic short film

Other Festivals:

VIII 2013: 7. Art and Film Festival "Two Riversides", Kaziemierz Dolny, Poland
VIII 2013: 5. Solanin Film Festival, Nowa Sól, Poland
IV 2013: Złote Mrówkojady, Lublin, Poland


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